Welcome to FAVOUR HOTEL Restaurant!

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These charming ladies will take care for your drinks - in Cambodia we call them "Beer-Girls". A mug of cold beer in the evening? Your biggest problem will be the decision about having an ANGKOR, a TIGER or a HEINEKEN.. :-). Of course we offer wine as well if you prefer.

You like delicious Asian Food? Don't miss our variety of khmer, chinese and other asian specialities.

It will be our pleasure to serve you and your friends. Enjoy your dinner in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

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Cambodian cooking depends a lot on fresh & healthy ingredients like vegetables and fish/seafood.

We offer:

  • Fried Rice (Seafood, Chicken, Beef);

  • Various soups with fish, meat, vegetables;

  • Roasted meat/fish khmer & chinese style;

  • Beef & Bread (american style).

...& much more. All dishes at cheap prices starting at US$1.